Barchan Advisory has over 70 years of combined experience in the North American energy industry. John and Sheila have worked in every facet of the business between them. They are well connected within the energy community, both in Canada and the L48, and are able to tap into deep pools of expertise to meet your needs. Contact us below to see how we can help.

p1030783-smJohn Reader

Barchan principal John Reader has over 37 years of experience in resource industry activities. He is a registered professional engineer with a broad industry experience in the fields of exploration, engineering and project management, business development, A&D, economic analysis, financing, re-structuring, and organizational management. John held various senior management roles within a major international oil company and subsequently served as a senior executive officer in a TSX and NYSE-listed public company and as president of a private junior company. His experience spans Canada and nearly every significant basin in the Lower 48 of the US.Over the course of his career John has been directly involved and responsible for over $2 billion in energy asset and company transactions. This work has included marketing assets for sale, evaluating assets and companies for purchase, negotiating transactions, and participating in financing.

With Barchan he has worked with upstream and service company clients to assess growth opportunities and establish strategic direction. John has also worked with hedge funds and re-structuring specialists to provide energy sector expertise. He has also assisted in the operation of assets and the evaluation of midstream assets. On a personal level, John has volunteered over the years with Scouts Canada, the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron, and with his local church.

“Over the years I have been constantly amazed (and dismayed) by the amount of unwisely invested capital in the energy sector, often resulting in little return and even severe losses. It is circumstance that both industry insiders and new investors both encounter. My goal is to allow clients to benefit from my experience so they can manage their risks and generate strong returns from any point in the investment cycle.”

p1030772-smSheila Reader

Sheila Reader is a registered professional engineer with 35 years of engineering background, including 20 years in the oil and gas industry. Sheila has held a variety of roles with increasing responsibility with major international companies. Before joining Barchan, she was Vice President of Exploration and Canadian Arctic for ConocoPhillips Canada.

Over the course of Sheila’s career, she served as a subject matter expert in the fields of reservoir engineering, performance analysis and large project economic analysis, and held the position of Chief Reservoir engineer providing company wide risk and technical oversight for many years. She has a particular talent and passion around mentoring people and helping guide careers to maximize their potential. Sheila’s experience includes production and reservoir engineering, exploration and risk management, economic analysis, business development, strategy assessment, employee professional development and mentoring.

In practical terms, Sheila has managed onshore, offshore projects, capital budgets exceeding $200 million, and organizations of more than 100 employees. Sheila has also served as a board member for the Calgary Zoological Society, serving on the Governance, Finance and Legal and Fundraising committees.

On a personal level, Sheila has volunteered over the years as a docent with the Calgary Zoo, and in leadership positions with the Canadian Girl Guides, local school councils and church organizations.

“I am committed to providing high quality analysis and guidance to our clients to enable them to maximize value and achieve extraordinary results from their assets, including both the physical asset base and human resources.”

In an industry that is naturally dynamic, “getting it right” is critically important for creating value. Give us a call or contact us below to see how we can help.

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