Barchan Announces Addition of New Principal Advisor

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Barchan Advisory Services Ltd. is pleased to formally announce the addition of Sheila A. Reader, P.Eng., as a principal of Barchan.  Ms. Reader brings a wealth of petroleum industry experience to the Company and broadens substantially the array of services that Barchan provides.

Sheila has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences (Geological Engineering) from the University of British Columbia and has been involved in engineering for over 35 years.  In the last two decades she has advanced through roles of increasing responsibility with two super-major, international oil and gas firms.  These experiences have included production and reservoir engineering, as chief reservoir engineer, and in senior executive positions.  She was most recently Vice-President of Exploration and Arctic for Canada where she led an organization of over 100 employees deploying a budget of $0.25 billion.

During her career, Ms. Reader was recognized as a reservoir engineering technical expert and mentor. She also led the economic evaluation of large-scale projects including Liquefied Natural Gas, pipelines, and offshore exploration and development.  In addition to her technical, management and strategic leadership skills, Sheila has an abiding interest in Canada’s north, and has been a respected presence amongst many first nations communities there.

Until December, Sheila also served as a member of the Board of Trustees at the Calgary Zoo where she contributed in roles on the Finance and Fundraising committees.

Barchan Advisory Services provides advice and services to participants in the energy sector.  Barchan’s principals have applied their skills to E&P companies, midstream participants, service companies, investment banks and hedge funds, and others seeking to either deploy or seek capital in oil and gas ventures of all scales.  Barchan also can assist with strategy development and executive coaching, sharing the advantages of their own diverse experience to assist clients.

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